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Grays Chapel Science Fair
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Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Science Fair Flyer
Science Fair Flyer
Calling all "Mad Scientists"

Grays Chapel will host our second annual Science Fair on April 19from 6:00 P.M.until 7:00 P.M. in the gym. We are very excited as we have over sixty students who have voluntarily signed up to participate. This night is all about family involvement and student learning. Students will learn and present scientific findings to other students and families and not only show their experiment but also speak about their new knowledge. Science is all about building an idea based on student interest and finding a result or conclusion. This night will nurture just that! We are happy that many judges are volunteering to come from Northeast Middle School and Providence Grove High School. This helps these teachers to build relationships with students who will eventually be at their schools and embrace this excitement and learning through our Science Fair. In addition, we also have many retired science or middle school teachers who are coming to serve as judges that night. Our goal at Grays Chapel is to create a passion for lifelong learners and 21st century problem solvers. Through this experience, we hope that students enjoy interaction with their families, build leadership roles within themselves through speaking and learning as well as developing a love for science. We are proud of our students and are excited to see all the learning and conclusions from various science experiments on Thursday, April 19, from all of our wonderful Grays Chapel students! 

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