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*Please help your child to set up a special area to read and do homework at home.  This place needs to be well lit and quiet with little or no distractions.  
*Second graders are working on being responsible and independant.  Thank you for supporting your child as he/she works on these skills!  They will truly help your child to be ready for third grade by the end of the year!
*Please send your child's lunch money in a sealed envelope with his/her name, amount, and lunch number on the front.  If you send a check, please write their name and lunch number on the front of the check.  Remember, you can send in a week's worth or a full month's worth of lunch money to be put on your child's account at one time.  If you do not want your child to be able to purchase "extras" (chips, cookies, etc), contact our cafeteria manager at school for more information.
*If you must change your child's afternoon transportation or if he/she will be leaving early, please send a note to school with your child in the homework folder.  For your child's safety, we can NOT change his/her transportation without a note from you.  If you must make last minute changes, you must call the school (336-824-8620) before 2:00 to inform us of those changes. 
*If your child is absent, you must send a note in explaining the reason for their absence on the day he/she returns to school.  If we do not receive a note the absence will be considered "unexcused".